How To Clean White PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is a popular material used in the construction of buildings. It is a type of plastic that is lightweight, durable, and cost-effective.

PVC cladding comes in different colours and finishes, but white is one of the most common choices. While white PVC cladding can give any building a modern and clean look, it can also quickly accumulate dirt and grime.

The Tripleclean Gang ensures you know how to leave your white PVC cladding spotless and sparkling.

Importance Of Cleaning White PVC Cladding

It's essential to keep your white PVC cladding clean for various reasons. Firstly, dirty white PVC cladding can negatively affect the overall appearance of your building, making it appear unprofessional and neglected.

Secondly, without proper cleaning maintenance, dirt build-up on white PVC cladding can cause it to deteriorate faster than usual due to exposure to UV radiation from sunlight. For more information, you can check out our post "How To Clean External Cladding".

How To Clean White PVC Cladding

Preparation For Cleaning White PVC Cladding

Before you clean wall panels or extended internal wall cladding, preparing your work will save a lot of time and effort. Here are steps you can take to streamline the cleaning of white PVC panels.

Gather Materials Needed

Before starting to clean the white PVC cladding, it is crucial to gather all the necessary materials.

Depending on the size of the area to clean, you can use a water hose or pressure washer to rinse off dirt and debris. It is important to note that pressure washers should only be used on higher settings if necessary, as they can cause damage to some types of PVC cladding.

A Soft-Bristled Brush

When choosing a brush for cleaning white PVC cladding, choosing one with soft bristles is crucial. This brush will effectively clean dirt and stains from the surface without causing any damage or scratches. Soft-bristled brushes are also ideal for entering small spaces and corners.

Soft Bristled Brush

A Bucket

A bucket is essential when cleaning white PVC cladding as it holds all necessary materials, such as cleaning solutions and water. When using a bucket, ensure it's large enough to carry adequate water and detergent solution so you don't have to stop between work due to a lack of supplies.

Water Hose Or Pressure Washer

Depending on how dirty your white PVC wall panels get, you may need either a simple water hose or pressure washer for thorough rinsing of loose dirt and debris before applying a detergent solution. A simple garden hose with good pressure should suffice, but a pressure washer could come in handy if you're dealing with tough stains.

Water Hose

Mild Detergent Or Cleaning Solution

When cleaning white PVC cladding, it is essential to use a mild detergent or cleaning solution that does not contain abrasive chemicals that could damage the surface of the PVC cladding. Always mix the cleaning solution according to the instructions on the packaging, and it should be used in proportion to the size of the area.

Mild Detergent

Hot Soapy Water And A Dry Soft Cloth

A soft cloth and soapy water are always useful for cleaning pvc cladding. Have a different dry soft cloth or microfibre cloth handy when you clean pvc cladding, as you cannot underestimate the impact of soapy water and two soft cloths

Hot Soapy Water

Steps For Cleaning White PVC Cladding

After preparation, you'll find cleaning pvc panels is an extremely low-maintenance task, and you'll enjoy clean pvc in no time at all.

Pre-rinse The Surface With Water To Remove Loose Dirt And Debris

Before you begin cleaning your white PVC panelling, it is essential to pre-rinse the surface with water. This step will remove any surface dirt or debris that could scratch or damage the surface during cleaning. You can use a hose or pressure washer to rinse off the surface.

Mix A Mild Detergent Or Cleaning Solution With Water In A Bucket

After pre-rinsing your white PVC cladding, it's time to mix a mild detergent or cleaning solution with water in a bucket. Many commercial cleaners are available specifically for PVC wall panels, but you can also make your solution using household items like hot soapy water, detergent, or vinegar.

Dip The Soft-bristled Brush Into The Cleaning Solution And Scrub The Surface Gently

Once you have mixed your cleaning solution, dip a soft-bristled brush into it and start with light scrubbing. Work in small sections, starting from the top and working downwards. Use circular motions while applying gentle pressure on stubborn stains.

Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could scratch or damage the surface of your white PVC wall panels. A soft-bristled brush is ideal because it won't leave scratches on your cladding like abrasive tools would. Rinse off the surface with fresh water using a hose or pressure washer

After scrubbing each section of white PVC cladding, rinse it thoroughly with water using either a hose or a pressure washer. Start from the top and work your way down, ensuring that all soap suds and cleaning solutions are removed.

Dry Off Excess Water With A Clean Towel

Use a clean towel or dry cloth to dry off any excess water on your white PVC cladding. Wipe gently, avoiding any excessive pressure that could damage the surface. You can also let it air dry if you prefer.

You can also clean window frames at this point, and many decide to also clean outside features at this time, such as:

  • Plain soffit boards
  • Black steel gutter
  • Deepflow cast iron gutter
  • Extended
  • Galvanised steel gutter
  • Ogee cast iron gutter
  • Extended ceiling cladding

Panels are an extremely low-maintenance product, and knowing you can keep your panels clean alongside many external features is a great comfort for many people.

Importance Of Proper Maintenance To Extend The Life Of White PVC Cladding

Without appropriate care, the material will become brittle and crack over time, leading to costly repairs or replacements. As such, it’s essential to take preventative measures by regularly inspecting your white PVC wall panels for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

Taking care of your white PVC cladding becomes even more critical if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, it’s necessary to take proactive steps like regularly sealing or painting the surface as part of proper maintenance. Overall, by following these cleaning tips and maintenance techniques outlined above for your white PVC wall panels, you’ll maintain a long-lasting beautiful appearance throughout the years ahead.


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