How Much Does Pressure Washing House Cost

Have you Googled this phrase, or something similar, like how much to pressure wash the driveway? or, how much does pressure washing cost?

That comes as no surprise to the Tripleclean Gang! Pressure washers are often touted as the best way to clean surfaces of all kinds, including walls, roofs, garage floors, swimming pools, windows, gutters, decking, fences, patios, garden furniture, and driveways. They're also handy for graffiti and chewing gum removal.

However, the truth is a little more complicated, but we'll come to that in a moment.

The very fact that you're taking the time to read this blog means that you're curious about the cost of pressure washing, and you probably have a bunch of other questions besides this.

Well, we're here to provide all the answers, and while we're at it we'll add some extra information that will help to steer you in the right direction.

First, let's start with the main question...

How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost?

The answer here depends on what you want clean and how big the surface area is.

Maybe several different areas around the outside of your home need attention, like your patio and roof. Or perhaps you only need algae stains removed from your walls. All of this needs to be taken into account when calculating the cost of pressure washing.

Let's break it down into bite-sized chunks to get a better idea:

Pressure Washer 2

Brickwork Cleaning

While pressure washing can be used to get rid of dirt and stains on brick walls, it's also a handy tool for removing old paint and graffiti.

That being said, it's not always the best option. You can find out why in the section below called Can you pressure wash bricks?

As for the total pressure washing cost, you should expect to pay between £10 and £50 per square metre (some companies might use per square foot, so always double-check!).

Brickwork Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

A small patio will cost between £150 and £200 to clean, although you will have the option of adding a protective coating which would add an extra £50 or so.

For a large patio, the price will effectively be twice as much, so you're looking at a figure of around £450 for the entire patio. For more information, you can check out our posts "Should I Pressure Wash My Patio" and "Does Pressure Washing Damage Patio".

Patio Cleaning 2

Driveway Cleaning

Pressure washing costs for a driveway range from £50 to £350, depending on the size, materials, and the condition of the surface. Our post "Will Pressure Washer Remove Oil From Driveway" maybe interest you. You can check it out.

Driveway Cleaning


We should add a note of caution here: as with brick, you need to be very careful when pressure washing stone as it can strip away the surface and allow moisture in. Some types of stone are softer and will suffer damage, so it is advisable to seek a gentler alternative, such as DOFF or the soft wash procedure.

Any professional cleaning company worth using will always assess the material carefully and use an alternative when necessary. And if they do use a pressure washer (or power washer) on stone or brick, they will adjust the settings and use their skills to ensure there is no damage.

'Stonework' could include your house walls, natural stone driveway, or patio, and this will cost between £2 and £3 per square metre.

Stone work

Roof Cleaning

This task usually costs more as the cleaners will need to use scaffolding or a MEWP (cherry picker) to access the roof safely. Figures from a range of sources suggest an average of £8.50 per square metre to clean the roof, and, on average, scaffolding costs around £18 per square metre, which is added to your final bill. You can take a look at our post "How Much To Pressure Wash Roof", for more additional insights.

Roof cleaning 1


Most decking is made from wood, some of which is painted or treated. Your cleaning contractor will take this into account and make the necessary adjustments so they don't strip this from the surface.

The average price of cleaning decking is £7 per square metre plus labour costs (plus re-staining) of around £100. For more information, you can check out our post "Can You Pressure Wash Composite Decking".


Other Factors Affecting Pressure Washing Prices

It's not just the size of the job that determines the cost of pressure washing, we also need to consider several other issues to get the full picture.

Again, we've split these into separate categories to help you.

Where Are You Based?

Your location can impact the cost of pressure washing significantly.

On the whole, as you might expect, prices in the London area are higher. For example, a pressure washing job that costs about £100 in the north of England and the midlands will be almost double that figure in London, generally speaking.

In the southwest of England, the same job would be about £145.

London aside, prices in urban areas may be slightly lower as there's more competition, while in remote rural areas cleaning companies can set their prices higher as consumer choice is limited.

What Materials Need Cleaning?

Certain surfaces need special care, such as wood, painted surfaces, and old stone and brick, as we've already alluded to.

Any reputable pressure washing service will determine the nature and age of the materials they are being asked to clean and will suggest a more suitable alternative if necessary. If they believe that pressure washing is a viable option, they'll go ahead, taking necessary precautions.

This may extend the working time, which increases the labour cost. Talking of which...

Labour Costs

Labour typically accounts for the vast bulk of the operational costs, coming in at around 60% of the total price. Companies set their own rates and these should reflect their knowledge, experience, and reputation.

Materials Used

Most professional cleaning companies include a charge for materials used during pressure washing jobs, such as the cleaning chemicals* and any sealants applied afterward, and this is usually charged at a flat rate. This shouldn't make up more than about 10% of the cost.

*Pressure washing alone won't get the surface completely clean, so a cleaning solution is required.

The Surface Condition

Before the work starts, your contractor will inspect the area to be cleaned to assess the condition of the surface. If it is heavily soiled with organic growth and accumulated dirt, this may affect the overall cost as it will require more time and effort.

Additional Services

Most pressure washing or power washing services will recommend that you apply some kind of protective coating, and this will incur an extra charge. Even so, it's worth considering as it reduces the build-up of dirt and prolongs the life of the patio, driveway, roof, etc.

They may also offer to clean your gutters (although this is sometimes included in the price), or undertake other jobs on top of their main task.

It's a good idea to get an itemised work schedule so there's no confusion!

Why Use A Pressure Washer On A House?

Thousands of professional cleaning companies across the UK offer a pressure washing service as part of their arsenal in the battle against dirt.

Pressure washers are handy for removing moss and assorted muck from various surfaces all around the outside of your home, and their main attraction is that the powerful stream of water strips away dirt with ease.

Even so, there are limits to their usefulness and there are safety issues you need to be aware of, and we'll go into these now.

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash A House?

The truthful answer? It depends on who is operating the machine and what type of material is being cleaned!

As already mentioned, pressure washing (or power washing, see below for more on this subject) is a useful and effective means of shifting dirt very quickly.

However, there's a high risk of damaging the surface if you use the machine incorrectly. There's also a chance that you'll damage yourself or those around you if you're not careful.

Let's dig deeper into this topic...

Can You Pressure Wash Bricks?

Yes, in general, but it's never a good idea to use a pressure washer to clean old brickwork, and by 'old', we mean anything that was built before about 1940.

For anything built prior to this time, it's better to opt for Soft Washing, or something like DOFF or TORC cleaning as these are ideal for listed buildings or heritage properties. These techniques will get the bricks spotless without causing any damage at all!

Pressure Wash Bricks

Use Low Pressure!

Also, you need to take care to keep the pressure low, no matter how new the bricks are. As usual, the online world is largely unhelpful on issues like this. You'll find all sorts of advice - good, bad, and outright ridiculous. Some sites say, go ahead! Blast those bricks, it won't do any harm. This is absolutely false and you'll regret it.

We're going to ignore all the nonsense and cut to the chase: A high-pressure setting will damage your bricks, especially if the nozzle is set to a thin stream and is held too close to the surface.

While bricks might seem almost indestructible, the high-pressure water jet can strip the protective outer layer, exposing the internal matrix to the elements. This allows moisture in, resulting in spalling (pieces breaking off) as the moisture freezes and expands.

Damp And Mould Problems

You are also more likely to suffer from problems with dampness and mould within the property when this happens. While you might not see the effects immediately, your walls will deteriorate over the weeks and months.

Professional cleaners are trained and experienced in the use of all kinds of equipment, and they can pressure wash your walls without damaging them.

Pressure Washing Other Surfaces

Roof tiles, decking, patios, and driveways can all be made from different materials, and some of these need special care.

We'll look at a handful of these to see what's what.

Roof Tiles

Pressure washing roof tiles is an effective means of shifting moss and muck - although some tiles are too fragile for this process, such as asphalt shingles.

Roof Tiles


Power washing or pressure washing concrete is effective, but - yet again - there's a risk of degrading the surface. A competent cleaning technician will know this and adjust the machine accordingly, or suggest an alternative.


Natural Stone

Yes, you guessed it - although using a pressure washer or power washer on the natural stone should be okay, there's a risk that you'll strip the patina and any protective coatings or sealants. This will encourage moisture to soak in, potentially causing the stone to crumble and crack.

Pressure Washers Vs Jet Washers?

Is there a difference? And what about power washers?

Yes, it can be confusing as everyone seems to mix up these names, so let's simplify it for you:

  • Power washing and jet washing are essentially the same, and these machines use hot water.
  • A pressure washing machine only uses cold water.

And that's basically it! To avoid confusion, when you get in touch with anyone offering pressure washing services always get them to spell out exactly which process or machinery they are using. Do they power wash stuff with hot water, or will your surfaces be pressure washed?

In the end, as long as you get the service you expected - and are paying for - then all is well.

Couldn't I Do It Myself?

It's only natural for some people to want to pressure wash their own house, for a variety of reasons. Maybe to save money, for the sense of achievement, or simply because they prefer to do things for themselves.

The equipment is certainly available if you feel adventurous: you can hire electric pressure washers for between £60 and £80 per day (with a deposit between £80 and £120). You can also buy them for between £65 and £2,000 or more, depending on your budget.

You could also get a power washing machine (jet washer) for a similar price.

If you feel you can use these safely and competently, then there's nothing stopping you from carrying out a DIY job!

The thing is, you need to justify the cost of buying these machines, and then you need to store them and sort out maintenance and servicing. And if you hire one, can you be certain that you'll get the results you expected?

Finally, while using a pressure washer can be fun, it's also tiring, messy, and frustrating at times. You might use the wrong nozzle or too much pressure and end up damaging the surface you are cleaning. You could injure yourself or someone else - a pressure washer is perfectly capable of cutting through flesh!

It's all about balance, in the end. Professional pressure washing services take all of the hassles out of the equation. You contact them, get a quote, fix a date and they come and sort out your problem!

The Cost Of Pressure Washing A House: In Summary

Yes, that's a whole load of information to digest, isn't it?

In the end, all you want to find out is how much it will cost to pressure wash your home. Now, not many people will need the entire exterior of their house cleaned, although it's not beyond the realms of possibility.

This means that it's impossible to give an accurate figure without knowing exactly what your cleaning needs are.

However, we can sum things up like this:

  • Pressure washing prices are generally cheaper in the midlands and the north due to different operational costs and competition.
  • Labour costs add to the overall price significantly.
  • It's more cost-effective to get a professional cleaner to do the job - the results will be better, you'll save yourself a lot of effort, and it's definitely safer!
  • It's an investment, especially if you agree to have a protective sealant applied that will extend the life of the surface area and save money on repairs.
  • You can have the entire house cleaned, or just one area - it's up to you!

Hopefully, you can pick out the relevant parts in this blog to get an idea about the cost of pressure washing your house. It's well worth considering, as it will restore the exterior of your home and make you fall in love with it again - with the added bonus of making your neighbours envious!

Finally, when you have decided that this is the path for you, remember that the Tripleclean Gang can handle all of your cleaning requirements, from expert advice to professional cleaning services that deliver amazing results.

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