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DOFF Cleaning Knottingley

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Intensive DOFF Steam Cleaning For Bricks, Masonry & Stone Buildings in Knottingley

DOFF Cleaning Knottingley

Ensuring your property in Knottingley is clean is a never-ending task, and many people are concerned about damaging brickwork and external areas. It is sometimes challenging to balance the needs of safety and power, but our DOFF cleaning service in Knottingley is an ideal option for cleaning brick and stone and removing organic growth without causing harm.

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DOFF Cleaning in Knottingley

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What is DOFF cleaning?

DOFF cleaning is a specialised form of steam cleaning that uses high-temperature, low-pressure steam to gently and effectively clean delicate surfaces without causing damage. This superheated steam is eco-friendly and widely used for restoring and maintaining surfaces like masonry, brick, stone, and wood.

What is DOFF cleaning

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How does the DOFF cleaning system work
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What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

There are several benefits of DOFF cleaning:

Gentle yet effective cleaning: DOFF cleaning uses high-temperature, low-pressure steam, which is gentle on delicate surfaces while effectively removing dirt, grime, moss, algae, chewing gum, wax coatings, paint coatings, biological matter, and other contaminants. It does not cause damage or abrasion to the surface.

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What are the benefits of steam cleaning

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Where is the DOFF cleaning process best used


Historic buildings, monuments, and facades

Roofs and Wood


Other sensitive, internal and external surfaces

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Our Knottingley DOFF cleaning process

As a successful cleaning company specialising in the DOFF steam cleaning system, our process typically involves the following steps:

Site Assessment: Our team of trained professionals conducts a thorough site assessment to determine the condition of the surfaces and identify any specific requirements or challenges. This assessment helps us tailor the cleaning approach to suit the unique needs of each project.

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Our DOFF cleaning process

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